Mr Darren Flick LL.B (Hons)



  • Admitted as a Solicitor: October 2005
  • Granted Higher Rights of Audience: 2007
  • Accreditations / Memberships
    CLAS / Law Society / SRA

Darren is a founding Director of Darton Law and is passionate about providing a comprehensive
and professional service to every client. When dealing with clients Darren’s approach has always
been to obtain a full understanding of their case and make sure they feel comfortable that every
avenue has been explored. It is important they get a full professional service.

Motoring Law

Darren has been a Criminal Defence Lawyer for many years representing clients in both the
Magistrates and the Crown Court in relation to a wide variety of motoring offences. Representing
somebody for allegations in relation to their driving involves a full understanding of evert aspect of
Criminal litigation. Darren is particularly good at considering the finer details of a case and is
meticulous in his preparation of witness statements, letters to the Court and representations to the
Crown Prosecution Service. In most cases, he has been successful in persuading the Court or the
Crown to accept his client’s mitigating circumstances or withdraw the charges completely.

Motoring offences carry a variety of punishments if a person is found guilty which can have a
devastating as the result can mean a person losing their license. Darren is fully aware of these
consequences and can listen to his clients’ needs when preparing a case. He is pragmatic about the
way forward when it comes to challenging the evidence being placed before the Court.

Over his career, Darren has represented people in the full spectrum of motoring offences including
death by dangerous driving, speeding offences, driving otherwise than in accordance with a license,
drink & drug driving and many other offences under The Road Traffic Act.

Crown Court Advocacy

Darren Flick is a Solicitor Advocate (all proceedings) meaning he can represent people in all Courts
in England and Wales whether in criminal or civil proceedings. His Practice includes both Criminal
and Civil Litigation. Qualifying in 2005, he has had the opportunity of preparing and presenting a
wide variety of cases in both Criminal and Civil Litigation.

Since 2007 Darren has been representing clients in Crown Courts as an Advocate. He has had the
opportunity of conducting numerous jury trials. In every case, he takes the time to take detailed
instructions and prepares carefully every aspect of the case. Darren sees his role as working very
closely with his clients to obtain the best result. If someone pleads guilty or is found guilty, he
works hard to mitigate their circumstances and applies the relevant sentencing guidelines to achieve
the lowest possible sentence.

Police Station and Magistrates

Darren regularly attends Police Station and the Magistrates Courts and conducts trials in the Crown
Court. He can offer a cradle to grave service by representing people at the police station and
through the Magistrates Court and ultimately the Crown Court. This has the inevitable benefit of
providing a full service to Darton Law’s clients allowing them to have confidence that they will be
represented by somebody who knows their case fully.

Civil Litigation

In addition to Criminal Litigation, Darren also represents clients in civil matters from High Court
injunctions to County Court money claims. Darton Law offer, in most cases, a fixed fee service.
Darren will guide you through each stage of civil litigation and advise you comprehensively on the
options as both a Claimant and a Defendant. It is sometimes very daunting when being taken to
Court and Darren will be able to provide representation to put you at ease. When considering taking
someone to Court as a Claimant, Darren will be able to provide you sound advice on the merits of
your potential claim before embarking on civil proceedings.

Notable Cases

R v C
Historic Sexual Assault.

This case involved an allegation of historic sexual assault dating back to the 1970s. The critical
evidence in the case related to the identity of the defendant and the description given by the alleged
Complainant. This involved the scrutiny of the accounts given by the complainants and
investigation into various records held by the local Council and Education Authorities to put
together a comprehensive defence. Further investigations included site visits and plans and tracing
witnesses through video footage and pictorial evidence. Darren represented this client at a full trial
and the result ended in the client’s acquittal on all counts.

R v I

Darren was represented the defendant as solicitor preparing his case. This involved a three-handed
murder allegation in which our client was 16 years old. The descriptions given by witnesses
heavily relied on one specific piece of clothing. After careful consideration of over 100 hours of
CCTV, Darren identify a timeline of events which when taken with other evidence proved that the
client was unable to be in the location of the murder at the time it occurred. Following the
presentation of this evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service, they withdrew the charge and
offered no evidence. The case continued against the remaining defendants who were found guilty.

Personal Interests

When not working at Darton Law, Darren is actively involved in local community theatre. He
appears on stage and enjoys performing in musicals and plays. To keep fit, Darren regularly runs
and has completed more than 20 marathons. He enjoys seeing friends and family and spending
time with his wife and son.

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