Restoration of Driving Licence


There may be circumstances where you have been disqualified from driving for a lengthy period and wish to apply to the Court for the removal of that order of disqualification.   We have the expertise to assist you in making such an application and representing you before the Court.

A person may apply to the Court who made the order for the disqualification to be removed.

The court may either remove the disqualification or refuse the application, as it thinks proper having regard to the character of the person disqualified and their conduct subsequent to the order, the nature of the offence, and any other circumstances of the case.  

The application can only be made after:
(a) two years, if the disqualification is for less than four years,
(b) one half of the period of disqualification, if it is more than four years and less than ten years,
(c) five years in any other case.


The Court will wish to take into account your own personal change in circumstances to include features such as any courses you might have attended, a change in personal circumstances, a change in drinking habits amongst others.

Such an application should not be made lightly and needs proper preparation and presentation.

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