New Drivers Act / Revocation

The Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act creates a two year probationary period for newly qualified drivers.  This applies to all newly qualified drivers, not young drivers.  In other words, it is irrelevant at what age you passed your test.

If a new driver obtains six or more penalty points within the two year probationary period, the DVLA will revoke his or her full driving licence and require that person to retake both parts of the driving test.

This does not apply to short period of disqualification as opposed to points imposed.  The Courts may be reluctant to choose this option as it potentially avoids revocation.

Where a person is convicted of two or more offences that occurred on the same date then the total number of penalty points imposed will be the highest number attributable to the more serious offences.   Where the offences are on different occasions, the penalty points will be added together.   It can therefore be difficult to avoid a total of 6 points for offences committed on more than one occasion.  

It is not the Court but the DVLA that revokes a driving licence.

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