Notice of Intended Prosecution

A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) is a compulsory notice the Police need to send if an offence has been captured by a camera or where a Police officer has not stopped you in person.  The document must be in a certain format and comply with Section 1 with the Road Traffic Act 1988. You must identify the driver of the vehicle within 28 days. If you fail to do this, this is a separate offence which can carry up to 6 penalty points and a fine of up to £1000 fine unless you show it is impossible to comply despite all your reasonable and diligent enquiries.  

The NIP must be served by the Police within 14 days. The notice must be signed by the Chief Constable. The Police only have to show that they served the notice and not that it was received by the intended recipient. You can reject the notice if it is received after the 14 day period.

If you receive the NIP within the relevant time you must respond otherwise you commit a further offence. There are many factors which need considering regarding the proper service of the NIP and whether it complies with the legislation. The important thing to note is the obligation on the person receiving the notice to respond to it within the time period. It is also important to note that giving incorrect information on this form and signing the declaration on this form is a serious offence and likely to be dealt with by the imposition of a prison sentence.

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