Penalty points

If you plead guilty or are found guilty, normally the punishment will consist of penalty points being issued. Many offences have fixed penalty points but some offences, such as speeding, has a specified range. This range means the Court has discretion as to the number of penalty points they give.

If you accumulate 6 penalty points within the first two years of holding a full driving licence, this will lead to it being revoked under The New Drivers Act. If you have been driving for longer than two years and reach 12 penalty points in a three year period this would normally lead to a “totting up” ban.

Penalty points range from between 2 and 10, but in some cases immediate disqualification is recommended or mandatory in which case no penalty points would be awarded. Penalty points remain on your licence for four years but it is the rolling three year period when considering the totting up provisions.

If you reach 12 penalty points you may retain your licence if you have special circumstances and can successfully argue exceptional hardship.

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