Mobile Phones

The offence

s.41D RTA 1988

The sentence

3 penalty points
Fine up to £1,000 (£2,500 if driving a bus, coach or HGV) AND discretionary driving ban.

The legislation

Using a handheld device, like a mobile phone, while driving is illegal and could lead to the imposition of three penalty points and a fine.   Using a phone whilst driving is considered distracting and could lead to an accident.  

The allegation of using a mobile phone or handheld device while driving can take many forms and will rely on the evidence or interpretation of the situation by a witness, usually a police officer. 

It is therefore important to assess the evidence as a whole when preparing the matter for trial.   

We can assist you to evaluate the evidence, prepare for your trial and then either advise you on how you should present your case at trial or attend Court and represent you.

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