Causing Death / Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving & Dangerous Driving 

The offence

s.1 RTA Causing death by dangerous driving
s. 1(a) RTA, Causing serious injury by dangerous driving
s.2 RTA, Dangerous Driving

Causing Death or Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving & Dangerous Driving 

The sentence

All these matters carry terms of imprisonment

s.1 maximum 10 years imprisonment

s.2 maximum 2 years imprisonment
All carry mandatory disqualification

The legislation

The above offences are categorised together, as these are the more serious driving offences that can occur and will generally be heard in the Crown Court.   All matters that progress to the Crown Court will be eligible for legal aid.  Darton Law Ltd holds a contract with the Legal Aid Agency for the provision of such services. Bear in mind that if you choose not to apply for legal aid and are successful in your case you might not be able to recover your costs.

For driving to be regarded as dangerous the Court must consider an objective test that;

  • The way s/he drives falls far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver

In determining the above the Court can consider all the circumstances to which the driver should have been aware.

Our Solicitor-Advocates regularly conduct trials in the Crown Court for all manner of offences, including those detailed here.

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