The offence

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, s.89(10)

The sentence

Fine to Disqualification
3-6 Points

The legislation

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If you are caught speeding there could be devastating consequences if the penalty leads to the loss of your driving licence.  A speeding offence can be a minor infringement above the legal speed limit but may still lead to penalty points being applied to your driving licence.

It is important that you seek specialist legal advice to protect your interests and ultimately your driving licence.

The authorities employ a variety of methods to detect offences, including  handheld laser guns or static cameras at the roadside. If you are caught speeding by a police officer you may be directly summoned to Court, but if the excess speed was detected by a speed camera the owner of the vehicle will be sent a notice of intended prosecution within 14 days by post.  If you do not respond, this is a separate offence.

The penalty for speeding could be a fine but the Court must endorse your driving licence with penalty points or may disqualify you from driving (unless Special Reasons apply). There are many factors which could affect the sentence you receive such as the road conditions, how fast you were travelling or whether other road users are affected.

In all cases mitigating factors may apply, which could be special reasons for your excess speed including medical or other serious emergencies.  This is known as a Special Reasons argument. If you are facing a driving ban through ‘totting’ to 12 points, an exceptional hardship application can also be made if the loss of your driving licence would mean that exceptional hardship would be placed on yourself or others. For example, if you are the only driver in your family and there is someone with an illness or special needs who needs to be transported to hospital regularly.

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