Driving Without Insurance, using, Causing or Permitting

The offence

s.143 RTA 1988
Driving without insurance, using, causing or permitting

The sentence

Summary only offence
Max fine £5000 (unlimited after 12/03/2015)
Discretionary disqualification
6-8 penalty points

Third party motor insurance is compulsory in the UK and failure to have valid insurance is a serious offence. The police can offer a fixed penalty of 6 points and a fine, but if the case goes to Court an unlimited fine and 6 to 8 points can be imposed.

The driver carries the evidential burden of proving that they are insured and therefore, it is necessary to produce a valid insurance document. It is also necessary that this document fully covers you for the particular driving you are doing, such as driving a minicab.

It is also an offence to use or allow a vehicle to be used whilst uninsured. For example, it can sometimes be a misconception that you are allowed to drive other vehicles or believing that others will be insured on your policy.

A charge of driving without insurance might not be straight forward and there may be a variety of factual circumstances which need to be considered. With our expertise we can assist you to navigate this area of law.

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