Failure to stop/report an accident

The offence

s.170(2) RTA 1988
Failing to stop or report, road traffic accident

The sentence

Summary only offence
Up to 6 months imprisonment
Unlimited fine
Must endorse (5-10 penalty points) and may disqualify

The legislation

A driver is required to stop their vehicle after an accident if:


  • personal injury is caused to someone other than the driver of the vehicle
  • damage is caused to a vehicle, an animal or to roadside property.
  • A driver must give their name and address, the details of the owner of the vehicle and the identification marks of the vehicle.

This offence requires knowledge that an accident has occurred. There are circumstances in which a driver can genuinely be unaware of an accident or contend that no accident has occurred at all. In these circumstances you should seek expert legal advice to ensure that your case is properly prepared and presented.

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