Driving Whilst Disqualified & Driving Otherwise in Accordance with a Licence

The offence

s.103 RTA 1988
Driving Whilst Disqualified

Driving Otherwise in Accordance with a Licence

The sentence

Summary only offence
Max fine £5000 (unlimited after 12/03/2015)
3-9 penalty points and may disqualify

The legislation

Put simply, driving whilst disqualified occurs when a person previously banned by the Court drives a vehicle. The Courts take this seriously and more so if there is repeat offending. If you have been accused of driving whilst disqualified and you want to challenge this, there are various considerations.

Things you might consider include whether there is evidence of the disqualification and if it is still in force, were you aware that you were disqualified, errors in the procedure by the police or prosecution and whether there was any evidence you were driving. The offence of driving whilst disqualified is one of ‘strict liability’. 

This means that the prosecution does not need to prove your knowledge of the disqualification.  However, a lack of knowledge could be a reason for a successful special reasons argument.


Driving without a valid driving licence is a separate offence which carries separate penalties and therefore will require separate legal considerations.

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