Mr Anthony Mitchell LL.B (Hons)



Admitted as a Solicitor: 1998
Has Higher Rights of Audience

Accreditations / Memberships

CLAS/ Law Society / SRA

Anthony is a senior Solicitor-Advocate who qualified in 1998. He specialises in Criminal Advocacy along with other private client matters.

He is a Director of the firm and therefore responsible for managing and developing both the Private client department and Legal Aid specialism within the firm.

He is a Solicitor/Advocate who regularly presents serious cases in the various Crown Courts. The range of cases that Anthony has defended include murders, aged sex offences, rapes, serious assaults and major drug cases. He is approachable and always feels a good rapport with clients.

Anthony has a wealth of experience in all courts. This dates back to 1972 and he continues as a very experienced Advocate at the current time. Between 1972 and 1996 he was a Metropolitan Police Officer, concluding his service as a Detective Inspector. During this period, he was responsible for the investigation and presentation of the most serious criminal cases including several murders. His duties, prior to the arrival of the CPS necessitated the proper presentation of the case, briefing Counsel and steering Counsel with regard to their presentation. Since 1996, his role has somewhat reversed in that he is now the fore-running Advocate in serious cases.
He has acted as a defence advocate in matters of murder, serious sexual offences (involving current and aged rape allegations), serious and significant drugs matter and of course robbery offences.

The serious offences naturally leave the Crown into seeking to frustrate the assets of convicted criminal by way of proceeds crime applications. The POCA Act 2002 is a punitive and complicated Act designed to remove the proceeds crime from those convicted. Anthony is experienced in dealing with such applications and recognises that, whilst a convicted felon might be content to serve a term of imprisonment, the removal of all his assets can amount to a more serious punishment in his mind.

It can be seen therefore that Anthony’s experience is wide ranging and has placed him on both sides of the fence whether for the prosecution or for the defendant.

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